Metroplex Women’s Clinic is a non-profit organization. We are able to offer our services free of charge because of generous supporters in our community. Because we do not make a profit from your visit, we gain nothing from your decision. We promise to give you truthful information about your pregnancy and your options. Take advantage of all of our free and confidential services, resources, and consultations. We are here for you!

Pregnancy Verification

Think you might be pregnant? Come to Metroplex Women's Clinic and find out for sure. Don't waste your time or money on at-home pregnancy tests. We offer free and confidential laboratory-quality pregnancy testing so you can be confident you’re getting accurate results. Set up your appointment today!

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Did your pregnancy test come back positive? If so, it's time to get an ultrasound! Getting a free and confidential ultrasound will allow you to learn as much as possible about your pregnancy so you can determine the next best steps.

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Options Counseling

In addition to testing and ultrasound, we offer free and confidential options consultation. Yes, you do have options. Actually, three of them! Once you have verified your pregnancy and determined how far along you are, we are available to sit down and review all of your options with you. Take the time you deserve to learn as much information as possible.

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STI/STD Testing

What’s the difference between STI and STD? The term STI is used to describe an infection in the body, which may or may not be accompanied by symptoms. The term STD describes an infection that has caused damage in a person’s body. Many STD’s can cause damage to you and your partner. When you give...

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