If you’re experiencing common pregnancy symptoms but weren’t planning to be pregnant, don’t panic. Your first step is to take a lab-quality pregnancy test to determine if you’re actually pregnant. Many “pregnancy symptoms” can also be symptoms of other conditions, so it’s important to verify.

We offer free pregnancy testing services so you never have to wonder. We’ll provide the answers you need to your pregnancy questions, empowering you to make an informed choice.

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

You’ll receive the most accurate results when you wait at least one week after your missed period before taking a test. This gives your body time to produce sufficient amounts of hCG, the “pregnancy hormone.” If you take a pregnancy test too early, you could get a false negative.

How does a pregnancy test work?

A pregnancy test works by detecting the presence of hCG in your blood or urine. Your body’s production of hCG doubles every 72 hours for the first several weeks of pregnancy, meaning your pregnancy test will be more accurate if you don’t take it right away.

If I am pregnant, what should I do next?

If your home pregnancy test comes back positive, you should verify with a lab-quality pregnancy test. We offer free pregnancy testing services so you don’t have to wonder.

Next, you should get an ultrasound scan to reveal other important information about your pregnancy. An ultrasound tells you how far along you are, where the pregnancy is located, and if the pregnancy is viable. No matter what option you’re considering — abortion, adoption, or parenting — you’ll need this information before proceeding.

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